Without Fear or Favor: Political and Strategic Genius of Donald J. Trump

This book showcases the political and strategic genius of Donald J. Trump and why he will win in 2020

                                                     Lt. Col. Gurbachan

Also Inside:

  • Mueller's 10 Obstruction of Justice concerns debunked
  • How fake is the Fake mainstream media?
  • What should be the GOP 2020 strategies?
  • Why the Democratic Party will lose again?
  • Who are the real Trump supporters?
  • Why illegal immigration is a serious problem?
  • How serious is the opioid/marijuana crisis?


  • Stock market’s value grown by $6.9 trillion at Jan 2018
  • Record 157 million employed
  • 224,000 jobs created in June 2019
  • 3 Per cent Economic Growth First Time in a Decade
  • Unemployment lowest level in 50 years
  • Best economic optimism in 16 years
  • Black unemployment at record low
  • Consumer confidence 18-year high
  • Signs New Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico
  • All ISIS-Controlled Areas Liberated
  • Historic Trump-Kim meeting at DMZ
  • National Emergency to Enhance Border Security
  • Opioid Law


This book explores how Donald J. Trump’s strategies won him the election and succeeded in numerous monumental achievements in just two and a half years, and why it is envisaged that he will continue to spark moments evocative of the indomitable spirit of America’s founders. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump is essentially 'predicting the future by creating it'.


To better understand President Trump’s strategic leadership, it will be useful to reflect on some of the historical writings and ideas of Carl von Clausewitz and Niccolò Machiavelli, two great thinkers on political philosophy/strategy, as well as the leadership qualities of some of the greatest American presidents.


Retired after 28 years of military service in Singapore, which included 8 years as the Directing Staff at the then-Singapore Command and Staff College and as a Military History and Strategic Studies Lecturer at the SAFTI Military Institute, the Armed Forces’ highest officer training institute. At the staff college, we train and develop mid-career officers to hold appointments as commanders or staff officers at the Brigade and Division levels. The one-year program serves to develop them as leaders and operational planners up to the Armed Forces level. As a lecturer, I had the honor of engaging officer cadets, lieutenant and captain-grade officers, majors and overseas scholars on leadership, joint warfare, military history and strategic studies. I also had the rare privilege of facilitating the conduct of two Senior Commander’s courses that served to prepare Colonel-grade officers for generalship.