Political and Strategic Genius of Donald Trump

Political and Strategic Genius of Donald Trump: Without Fear or Favor

This book is about the political and strategic genius of Donald Trump. In November 2019, the Media Research Center conducted an investigation on the mainstream TV network reporting and found that 96% of coverage on President Trump was negative, with 59% of the reported facts coming from anonymous sources. In a country claiming to be a democracy, it would be highly irresponsible to allow such unprecedented biases to dictate the narrative on the Trump administration’s achievements, especially when the stock market has broken its own record the 124th time since his presidency and unemployment is at a 50-year low.

 Without Fear or Favor

This book systematically discredits the negative mainstream reporting by presenting an unbiased perspective on Donald Trump’s, without fear or favor, election-winning strategies and numerous monumental achievements in just two and a half years in office, as well as why it is envisaged that he will continue to spark moments evocative of the indomitable spirit of America’s founders. 

The study of political and strategic leadership is of great interest to most organizations in the world. Country and corporate leaders may find the narrative and analysis in this book most useful. Politicians and campaigners from both the Republican party (GOP) and Democratic party (DNC) may also find many of the assessments insightful, particularly those on why Trump won in 2016 and on how he could win again in 2020. Business schools and academics could also use the book to get students to explore what may be some of the qualities that would make great political or strategic leaders.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump is essentially ‘predicting the future by creating it’.