Impeachment or Coup?


Impeachment or Coup d’état?

The President has a legitimate right to find out if Ukraine interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. In the process of the investigation, the President has the right to officially and legally raise any other matters that may point towards other potential corrupt practices by any U.S. entities. Since nobody is above the law, why should Joe Biden and Hunter Biden be given a free pass simply because Joe Biden is running for the 2020 presidential election? The mainstream media claim that the Hunter Biden matter has been investigated before when, in fact, it has not been formally investigated by any agency. Initiating an investigation does not mean that they are guilty, but instead simply means that anything that so obviously looks inappropriate should be thoroughly investigated regardless of their political affiliation. Since Joe Biden is indeed running for the presidency, it makes it even more necessary and urgent it be thoroughly investigated.


Anyone could have easily determined that there would be an obvious conflict of interest for the Vice President’s family to engage in business dealings in those foreign countries where he is directly responsible to oversee. The Obama Administration specifically assigned Joe Biden to oversee policies in Ukraine and China. Joe Biden himself openly boasted how he was able to ouster a prosecutor in Ukraine by threatening to cut off aid to the country. This incident took place while Hunter Biden was being paid a monthly salary of $50000 per month by Burisma, a Ukrainian oil and gas company that was allegedly under investigation by the prosecutor. The liberal mainstream media have claimed that the incident has been adequately investigated in the past and that there were no wrongdoings. Nobody can, however, point to any specific investigation that was actually carried out. Recent impeachment inquiries have in fact confirmed that officials at the State Department did raise concerns about the obvious appearance of a conflict of interest when Hunter Biden was engaged by Burisma.