President Donald J. Trump’s Achievements


  • Stock market’s value grown by $6.9 trillion at Jan 2018
  • Record 157 million employed and 7 million jobs created
  • 224,000 jobs created in June 2019
  • 3 Percent Economic Growth First Time in a Decade
  • Lowest unemployment level in 50 years
  • Women unemployment at lowest rate in 65 years
  • Best economic optimism in 16 years
  • Black unemployment at record low
  • Consumer confidence 18-year high
  • Withdrew from TPP and renegotiated NAFTA
  • Signs New Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico
  • Introduced the largest tax reform in history
  • Rolled back EPA regulations and unleashed energy sector
  • Promoted buying and hiring American
  • Attracted investments to the U.S. (Foxconn, Toyota and others)
  • Reduced F-35 cost
  • Opened ANWR  and approved Keystone/Dakota Access pipelines
  • Reduced White House payroll and freezed federal hiring
  • Median household income hit highest level ever


  • All ISIS-Controlled Areas Liberated
  • Historic Trump-Kim meeting at DMZ
  • Reimposed sanctions against Iran
  • Reduced illegal immigration
  • Enhance Border Security through wall construction
  • Challenged sanctuary cities legislation
  • Moved Embassy to Jerusalem

Judicial and Social

  • Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court
  • Fixed the Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Created commission on opioid addiction