A former Military History & Strategic Studies Lecturer in SAFTI Military Institute. A Signals Officer by training, held appointments of a Directing Staff in Singapore Command and Staff College, a Branch Head in Joint Communications and Information Systems Department and the Commanding Officer of a Signal Battalion. He holds a Master of Science (Finance) from the National University of Ireland, a Master of Management Research from University of Western Australia and a Master of Science (Strategic Studies) from Nanyang Technological University. His special interests are in Strategic Management and Leadership, Command & Control, Operational Art, and Good Governance.

Worked for governments of Canada and Singapore in such diverse areas as leadership development, strategic planning, and project management and organizational development. Major achievements/experiences include annually developing the leadership and management skills of international midcareer officers, leading a midsize technology-based organization of 600 professionals, managing program/curriculum planning of a world-class Diploma in Defense Technology Program, and organizing think-tank forums in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Developed communications systems support for the contigent participating in the United Nation’s INTERFET Mission to East Timor. More recently, worked on the High Performing Organization and Blueprint 2020 initiatives at Employment and Social Development Canada, conducted business analysis of small businesses in Canada and U.S.A (New York, Chicago, Ohio, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa) and led humanitarian missions to Haiti and Chile.